About Ali

Bachelor in Graphic Design, Lebanese international university. Born in Tyre (South Lebanon) in May 1990, 25. Worked seven years as freelance designer, Painter and three years as an art instructor. Influenced by the Italian artist David Cambria and by the Dutchartist Vincent Van Gogh. I bring positive attitude, great skills and passion to my paintings. Participated in Salsal exhibition in Lebanon in October 2014, 22. Highly passionate about art and creative processes. I paint when I am happy and joyful. Painting is a joyous journey for me, a way to remember that there is a Beyond when we go Within. It is my way of connecting to the Universe. My suffering is when I lose this connection, this remembrance, this way of BEING (story of my life really…!) Art history lover, inspired by humans and human emotions, for me, each one of us is a Universe by itself.