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            Product information

            cable festoon system

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            product name: cable festoon system
            Product number: JXLH
            Products Exhibitors: Tianbao
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            a brief introduction

            Cable festoon system cable festoon system

            cable festoon system  Detailed description of

            Product Description

            The JXLH System is manufactured by using special equipment,adopting 063T5 aluminum extrusion and hot heatment aluminum base,and then being assembled with groove profile stainless stee.


            1.Material: steel clad aluminum 
            2.Current: 700A-2600A 
            3.Heavy current, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant. Anticorrosion 

            Company Information

            Chongqing Tianbao conductor busbar electrical co.,ltd was established  in 2000.

            We are mainly specialized in crane and electrical hoist power electrification system,our products include:conductor rail system, bus duct system,Cable festoon system,drag chain, flat cable and ladder tray more than ten years with good quality and competitive price,our products passed through ISO9001certificate and CCC certificate, our products are popular in domestic and foreigner markets, we will try my best to provide you best service.

             Any interest,please feel free to contact us!

            cable festoon system

            cable festoon system

            cable festoon system

            cable festoon system

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