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            Product information

            Busway System

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            product name: Busway System
            Product number: CMC
            Products Exhibitors: Tianbao
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            a brief introduction

            Busway system supply electrical sandwich type aluminum busbar is used in the system of 3 phase 4 wires ,3 phase 5 wires ,50-60 HZ,with rated current 100-6300A power supply and distribution ,as a scheme of low cost an d high efficiency for industrial factories ,hospitals ,high-rises buildings and those environment with high-tech,to achieve good cost performance. Busway System

            Busway System  Detailed description of

            Structure feature 
            --Small size ,good flexibility 
            --Convenient and fast connection 
            --Good electric conduction and insulation 
            --Full AL shell (full Al shell feature dust-proof performance good ventilation ,and electric conduction )


            --Current Rating: 400 A to 6300 A(CU) or 100A to 4000A(AL)
            --Ingress protection : IP54 or IP68
            --Insulation curent rating: [upto 1000 A]


            --Conductor:AL or Copper
            --Standard lengths : 4m/3m/2m/1m
            --System Voltage: AC380 /690V
            --Conductor material: High conductivity Cu or AL
            --Halogen free, fire retardant Class-B-Epoxy insulation

            --Tap - off units are suitable for MCCBs or SDFs or MCBs

            Busway system

            Busway System

            Busway System

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