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            Product information

            conductor busbar system

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            product name: conductor busbar system
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            Products Exhibitors: Tianbao
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            a brief introduction

            conductor busbar system single pole conductor rail system is high performance mobile power transmission device designed and manufactured by our plant for application in metallurgy; shipbuilding; crane, automobile manufacturing; loading and unloading at port etc. conductor busbar system

            conductor busbar system  Detailed description of

            Special Features

            1.Available with different rail materials, suitable for most industrial environments

            2.High safety level due to integrated finger-safe design
            3.Easy and exact mountig with multiple hanger clamps for 3, 4 and 5 poles
            4.Unlimited number of poles, designed for complex systems


            1.150-3150A Current Range
            2.H-type Aluminum Conductor
            3.PVC Body
            4.4m Standard Length
            5.H Style

            conductor busbar system

            conductor busbar system

            conductor busbar system

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