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            High Quality Copper Current Collector For Crane

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            product name: High Quality Copper Current Collector For Crane
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            Products Exhibitors: Tianbao
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            a brief introduction

            The current collector is one of the main devices on the slide-contact wire system to pick up electric energy. It conducts the electric energy directly to the electrical appliances through the sliding contact between the collector brush and the guide rail, so as to realize the mobile power supply of the system. The current collector is composed of two parts: the tension device of the mechanical str

            High Quality Copper Current Collector For Crane  Detailed description of

            Product description


            Model Size(A)/mm Size(B)/mm Size(C)/mm Application
            DJD3-30 243 165 71 3-20/80A
            248 165 87 3-20/80A
            165 167 114 3-20/80A
            243 165 71 4-20/80A
            248 165 87 4-20/80A
            DJD4-100 165 167 114 4-20/80A
            DJD6-30 243 165 71 6-20/80A
            DJD6-60 248 165 87 6-20/80A
            DJD6-100 165 167 114 6-20/80A

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            Company profile

            Chongqing Tianbao Conductor Busbar Electrical Co.,Ltd. Is located in Chongqing ,Established in 2001 and have been involved in this field for more than ten years.Tianbao is professional enterprise in searching and developing the electrical products and engineering.The main products includes:conductor rail system .bus duct system,Cable festoon system ,cable drag chain cable tray,lighting busbar and related accessories, our products used in mobile power supply for crane ,electrical hoist .as well as factory,high building power distribution.With excellent products quality ,good service our products are greatly favored bycustomers around the domestic and foreign market We will devote ourselves to provide better service for the whole world customer.

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